your story, beautifully told
your story, beautifully told

About Our Team

Our Team

Simon Cornelus

Founder & CEO, Senior SEO Strategist

Simon has has an extensive background in web strategy for SEO deployment and maximization. He has spent years as an instructor and strategist with some of the best SEO consultants in the nation. Simon continues to refine his unique SEO strategies and has presented numerous lectures on SEO strategy among diverse markets making him leader in this space.

Luke Graves


Luke Graves is a professional Graphics/Illustrator/Designer with 20 years experience in television and fashion industry. Being our Creative Director, his experience in marketing and brand design management is core in developing brand continuity and differential.

He enjoys working with costumers to bring their story ideas to fruition by using his many years of creative line development and marketing to help establish a brand identity for your specific project or offering. He is a magician at creating original concepts and Illustrations for highly successful product lines.

James Stratum

Web Developer/Designer, SEO Strategist

James expertise lies in the juncture of on-site SEO and web design. He integrates “on-page SEO” elements in a website without compromising its design or user experience. James is also a WordPress expert who facilitates the development of robust, SEO-optimized websites for our clientele.

Mary Hanley


Mary is a freelance writer and editor with years of experience crafting language; words are her expertise. Having worked on hundreds of projects in many different areas and armed with a BSc, Mary is capable of handling any and all content – from informal web copy to technical financial news and everything in between.

Diane Pera

Experienced in creating effective video and brand content from planning and development, to production and finalization. Extensive experience in concept creation, video production, motion graphics and animation, film and video editing, business to business presentations and corporate video.

Jennifer Westin

SEO Copywriter

Agustin Gonzalez

Web Data Research